Alexis B. Rourke (b.1989) is a Canadian abstract painter with a BFA in Studio Arts from Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec (2012). She currently lives and works in the Laurentians, Quebec.


She has a fascination and yearning to dig up and contemplate all the information generated and stored within the emotional body and the subconscious; the unseen speaks volumes when one cultivates a trusting relationship to it. She believes the body has an infinite amount of stories to be told, when given the space, value, and listening intent to reveal its hidden gems.


Abstraction is the Soul's Mother Tongue, a universal and innate language everyone has access to, forgotten by many in favour of the more Mind based reality we currently live in. Much like the process of dream interpretation, she uses her organizational skills to structure and clarify the accumulated data received during the creation of a given painting. A painting is deemed completed once an intuitive intelligent order has settled, bringing to life the best possible scenario for the navigation in question. A natural tracking of one's own evolution and how we respond to life's circumstances is a deeply rewarding process, shedding Light on what it means to be human, and what it is, at the core, we are most seeking.




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